When you think about niches, it does not mean about the product but the market that purchases those items. When you are looking at hobby or passion niches, you can monetize those niches in many different ways.

Business models online can be high ticket dropshipping, low ticket dropshipping, membership websites, online courses, consulting, SaaS companies, and affliate marketing.

When it comes to passion niches like hunting, hunters like to join hunting groups in other counties during hunting season. They are very passionate about their hubby and have the disposable income to spend it on the things that they love to do. You will have to deal with people that want the products badly. They don’t just need it, but they want it.

As far as high ticket products for hunting, there are expensive bow and arrows, guns, ad GPS devices. They are a lot of products that are over $200 in the hunting niche.

You can start a niche website around hunting. You can then start a blog about hunting a monetized that blog with affliate marketing. You can drive links back to your high ticket dropshipping store. However, don’t confuse people by mixing affliate marketing, high ticket drop shipping because it drives people away. Do each of it on different websites. You want to make sure to funnel people down into the checkout and get them to place the order with you.

You can build a website around the keyword ‘best crossbows’ to drive traffic to your store. You can have a 2,000 to 5,000 article, buying guide, and top 10 product list. You can also monetize the niche by having a membership program for hunting. Membership websites are attractive because they are composed of communities. You can meet people that do hunting as well.

You have to be the leader of your business. You have to be fully committed to it every single day.

Keep in mind that once you find that profitability, passion, and skillset you will find The Perfect Niche