The things you do to improve your product pages and raise your conversion rates to compete better in your niche.

Rewrite your supplier’s product descriptions.

Your supplier description is usually not going to be the best. They are probably going to be lacking a lot of obvious sales copy. Sales copy is basically persuading your customer to buy from you. The way a sales call works is you start with getting their attention, build their interest in the product and then you close and get them to make a decision. Think of your sales copy in your product description the same way.

To get someone’s attention is to ask them questions or make a big bold statement. It is a good way to start off your product descriptions by asking questions like ‘are you looking to solve this problem?’ or ‘do you want to fulfill this desire?’

It is going to be different for every single product and every niche. You got to find the right one for you and get creative with it. Building interest and desire is all about talking about the features and lifestyle benefits to your customers.

Closing on them to make a decision in your product description listing is just all about literally telling them what to do if they want to place their order.

Click Add to Cart

Click Checkout

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Sometimes, people are lost in their thoughts unless you actually tell them what to do next.

Improving your descriptions with multimedia.

So this means adding pictures where the features and benefits are talking about. Illustrate what you are talking about in the descriptions. People love magazines because there are tons of pictures on them. Make your website more like a magazine and less like a newspaper. Add a sales video of the product to your product description if it’s available.

In the product description, make sure to do linking to other parts of your website. They may or may not interested to buy the product now, if they are, tell them what to do. If they are not, then you should link them back to the collection page that the product is part of. You can also link them to a buyer’s guide explains how to understand that product category to know more if the product is right for them. Link them to an FAQ page on your website or Link them to the return policy, shipping, policy, and price guarantee. Anything else that the buyer needs to know before they place their order.

Improving your offer.

Having an offer is basically like having a checklist of all the different things that your business offers the customer and why they should buy from you as opposed to your competition. This is also known as a unique selling proposition or unique value proposition. It is knowns for a bunch of things but at the end of the day, it is just your offer. The variant of the product like size and color is your first offer. The next part of your offer is what does that product come with such as free shipping, free consultation, free tech support, free warranty, free gift, and free accessories.

You also have to make sure you have reviews on your product website page, FAQs are answered, add details from the FAQs to your product description. This way, you are going to be the website people are going to buy from.

All of these are the constant improvement on your website. On your first launch, you are not going to have the best website but you want to compare your product listing to your competitor’s product listings. Make notes of every single little thing that they have done and you have not done.

You can also add an app called, Questions and Answers’ app. It will provide a button you can place near the top of the page a section near the bottom where they can actually ask a question via email and you can respond to it through email.

Adding reviews

It is simply because you can get reviews from your suppliers. You can also take reviews from the internet that are just regarding the product. Don’t take reviews from the internet that are regarding the website but reviews about the product. Don’t copy and paste from the competitors' websites. It is a terrible idea as it is already plagiarism. Remember to make reviews on your product list so you have an optimized website. Reviews help with social proof. They will help people understand that the product is good. If you offer great customer service before and after the sales, you should be able to get reviews over time. One thing to do that is to install an app called Shopper Approved, it will ask for a review right after someone places their order. It does not wait two weeks to get the product review. It is asking the store review. You can start getting reviews as long as the person enjoyed the pre-sale then leading up to the sale process.

Match your price with your competitors

Some suppliers do not charge shipping and they have a low MAP price which is close to the price so there is a low margin. It is not enough margin to cover shipping costs. You just have to stay at MAP price so that your advertising point is low and then add shipping to your product page as a variant.

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