In this article, I want to talk about why Amazon is so successful with its website. They have been around forever and they do a lot of work in split testing and conversion on optimization. If you check back month after month, there are tiny little tweaks that they make on their website. It is really fascinating to see what they do.

Amazon is a good website to check out constantly to see what they do and try to analyze why they do it. Also, try to figure out how can you do that on your own website.


On their home page, they have a top banner and it says New and Interesting Finds on Amazon and it says explore. The explore button is black and it makes you wonder why. I feel that black color gives you a feeling of prestige and luxury.

When clicking the button, it routed me to the page where there are daily deals of cool stuff. What is interesting is that it does not have any information about the product name and price. It is just a picture of the product with a heart button you can click. When I click one of the pictures, it shows more products that are related to it with social proof on how many people clicked on the heart button. The number of reviews also show social proof. You can then click See Buying Details which will take you the product listing.


Amazon product page is the main reason why they are able to close so many sales. They do so much work to make it easy to understand and get all the information you need right there on the product page so that you can go ahead and buy the product.

That is their goal, they don’t want to take a phone call and close sales over the phone. They want to be able to offer an online-only shopping experience for the consumers. The consumers love it and they have trained their customers to understand that.

If there is anything goes wrong with their order, they can easily file a return request and get their money right away. They can call Amazon and file A-Z claim. They know Amazon is going to take care of that and that is what Amazon wants to do.

Behind the facade of their website is this company culture of always take care of the customers first.

When you build your own eCommerce business if you can build a company culture of taking care of the customer first no matter what, you will get ahead because those customers will refer more people to you in the long run. The customers keep coming back over again. It will increase the customer lifetime value of your business.

Make sure sometimes you might have unprofitable orders or you might have to deal with the return request, if you want to build that profitable business that makes 6 figures per month, then you are going to have to adopt a customer-centric company culture.


The mega menu that has images is are really cool because it really provides a more visual shopping experience. People are visual learners. Everybody tends to take more pictures and videos than they do in the text. It’s natural to humans as we interpret colors, shapes, and textures. When we see pictures, we understand things more.

The cool thing about Amazon is like walking into the store but instead of having to walk around you get a tablet handed to you and you can click on a thing and takes you right to that spot in the entire store. Imagine if that happened in Home Depot, how cool would that be. That is how websites are and that is why everybody loves shopping online.


On their product page, they have the brand name at the top above the entire name of the product and it has a link to it. If you like that brand and you want to see more of the products from that brand, you can click that link.

Product Name

The product name is created by the seller on the Amazon and not by the Amazon itself. It is composed of keywords and it does not make sense.

Customer Reviews

Right below the title, they have a star rating with a dropdown. The dropdown shows the percentage for every start rating and a link to all the reviews.

People see the reviews and it is stronger for the customer than they are for the description of the product. That is because a lot of these products on Amazon are impulse buy decisions.

The more reviews you have on your website, the more likely you get purchases.


Another thing that matters other than reviews are questions that are answered. On Amazon, they have a separate page for it.

Price & FREE Shipping

Free shipping is found beside the price. This is the number question of buyers that Amazon wants to tell the buyers right away.

In Stock

It is another way of saying that at some point, the product will be out of stock. It promotes a sense of urgency and scarcity.


A link to a vendor’s name and can go to the vendor’s page to see their reviews, return & refunds policy, shipping, and contact information.


The color and picture of the product. When you click the picture, it will route you to the page where you can see the video of their advertisement.


Bullet points of benefits followed by features.

Compare similar items link

It will route you to the page where you can compare the similar products you have in your store.

Add to Cart

I have noticed that their button for Add to Cart is in orange. It is the color that builds excitement and curiosity.

Products Description

The best way to make a product description is to put a picture as well.

Prime Membership

It is a paid membership where you can have access to their other services. There is a lot of value-added feature on this membership.

Cart Page

You will see the total amount you will pay plus the cross-sells and upsells. There are sponsored products related, customers shop for this also shop for, and new releases.

Check out process

It is a squeeze page where you see the fields that you entered, product info, and pricing. Amazon does it all on one page.

Those are the main parts of Amazon that I love and get into conversion rate optimization because there is nothing better than optimizing for conversions because, with eCommerce, the way that you are getting 60% - 80% sales is through optimization.

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