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  Introduction: Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies is a behemoth in the eCommerce game. They sell a wide range of products and services, physical and digital products, and membership programs. In this video, I dissect some of the techniques they use to close more sales online than any other eCommerce website. 

Some of the things about their website that really stood out to me are:

1) Creating a sub-page just for reviews for each product that is optimized to just show reviews and the product name and add to cart button. They are a review-centric ecommerce site.

2) Having a search box to search q&a's and reviews. In the video I show the example of typing in "how big is it?" a common question. It pops up 3 q&a's and 3 reviews related to that keyword. That's customer-centric design!

3) Add "free shipping" right next to the price. This is the one question people are wondering before they buy.

4) Add an "only 3 left!" warning so people have reason to take action now.

5) Have a way to show variant pictures, not just the name of the variant. Also, make the pictures change when you hover over the variant, not just click on it. 

6) Have product sales videos, these really help sell products. Figure out how to play them automatically.

7) Adding a bulleted list of features and benefits

8) Have a "compare with similar items" section that compares specs with items in the same category.

9) Build a membership program like Prime where customers can get access to premium content (video or blog posts), entertainment, services, or more.

10) Create an initial upsell page before the cart page which also allows you to go direct to checkout.

11) Optimize the checkout page like a squeeze page.

12) Give customers a financing option, or a credit card like Amazon does.

Things I forgot to mention:

- One click buying: allowing people to store their credit card info with you and buy things with one click in the future.

- Selling digital products like blueprints, plans, books, mp3's, videos, courses, etc. for much higher profit margins.

- Allow customers to ship to multiple locations or split payments between cards.

Keep in mind that your ecommerce store should be build to meet the needs of the niche market you serve. This means offering solutions to their unique problems. Amazon sells everything under the sun, so they aren't optimized for some niches. This is where you can compete!

Here is another video where I compare Amazon, Walmart, and eBay and compare how they optimize their website for conversions.