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Launch and Scale Your Own High-Ticket Dropshipping eCommerce Store

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Become Location Independent and Financially Free with High-Ticket Drop Shipping and eCommerce Paradise

The eCommerce Paradise High-Ticket Drop Shipping Masterclass was created to give you, the entrepreneur the best online course for building, launching, and growing your own profitable high-ticket drop shipping eCommerce store on Shopify. If you've ever dreamed of living a location independent lifestyle, working from home or coffee shops, and traveling the world all the time, then this is the course for you.

The cart is open and I’m accepting new students right now!

Let’s get straight to it...

You’ve seen how people are starting online businesses and becoming location independent and why high-ticket drop shipping is the business model they chose.

Everyone is going crazy about high-ticket drop shipping and thousands of people have already transformed their lifestyle with high-ticket drop shipping...

For example, Nate who went from selling grease to bringing in $50,000 per month in sales within 6 months and then selling his store to an investor for $50,000 shortly thereafter.

Now does that mean you’ll make $50,000 "overnight?"

Well, it depends...

The truth is, there are many factors that go into high-ticket drop shipping and like with everything, individual results vary.

...and then there's our student John who went from barely breaking even on his drop ship store to making $100,000 per month within 6 months.

This just goes to show that if you implement what I teach and never stop improving that the sky truly is the limit with this business model.

You will set yourself apart from the competition with your marketing prowess and work ethic.

Using the high-ticket drop shipping masterclass, our student Kevin was able to scale his online stores to over a million dollars per year in revenue.

What was his secret to success?

Consistently doing the things that grow his business like recruiting suppliers, optimizing product sales pages, optimizing his ads, providing world-class customer service, and hiring a virtual team to help him manage the day-to-day tasks so he isn't stuck doing everything himself.

The coolest thing is that you can do it too!

Our student Duane is a prime example of someone who never gave up and kept persevering through the tough times to find success...

His secret recipe for success?

Double down on what's working and let what isn't working go...

Simple enough, right?

But if it's so simple, why do most people never find success?

The sad truth is, most people don’t get results when buying any type of “how to information”

...and I believe that’s due to the fact that they aren’t committed, quit down the road, and don’t put in the necessary work to make it happen.

However, I believe if you’re serious about this and put in the work, the sky's the limit.

Now that’s out of the way, here’s what I can guarantee.

This is my best high-ticket drop shipping course ever.

I’m sharing every last secret with you and show you step-by-step how I start high-ticket drop shipping businesses on Shopify without leaving out any information.

I honestly believe this is the best information you’ll find anywhere about high-ticket drop shipping on Shopify.

My results speak for themselves!

I've sold millions of dollars of high-ticket products online and I've sold 4 different high-ticket drop shipping stores for an average of $50,000 each.

It's not just us! Our students are having some AWESOME success too using what they learned in our high-ticket drop shipping masterclass!

The High-Ticket Drop Shipping Masterclass is always 100% up to date, fresh and in-depth.

It’s not a bunch of abstract theory but rather a field guide that shows you step-by-step how to start a high-ticket drop shipping store on Shopify, why and how.

I believe if any presentation is going to help you start a high-ticket drop shipping store on Shopify then it’s this one here.

A lot of people have been asking me if I have a course and until last year I’ve always turned everyone down because I simply didn’t have the time and energy to put together something like this.

But here's the thing...

I've been helping people grow their high-ticket drop shipping stores long before I started this course.

I had been receiving so many questions about high-ticket drop shipping in the last few years, my inbox was literally crammed, so I decided to cave under the pressure, get my lazy ass up, quit procrastinating and create a course for you.

So that way everyone who wants to learn exactly how I’m doing high-ticket drop shipping successfully can do that too...

So I’m sure you’re wondering exactly what’s included.

So here’s exactly what you’re getting.

Course Curriculum

  Module 10: Shopify Store Setup
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 19: Automation and Creating S.O.P.'s and Training for Your eCommerce Business
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 24: Multi-Channel Marketplace Dropshipping
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 26: Sales Funnels for Lead Generation and Lead Nurture
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 27: Google Analytics for eCommerce
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 29: Membership Programs for eCommerce Stores
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 31: Self-Publishing Books with Amazon Kindle and Audiobooks with ACX
Available in days
days after you enroll

Isn't that a ton of proven strategies to start and grow a successful high-ticket drop shipping store on Shopify?

And it’s different from anything else you’ve seen before.

There’s no abstract theory, it gets straight to the point and shows you exactly what you have to do to be successful with high-ticket drop shipping.

It’s more like a field guide that’s going to reveal every single secret, every technique, every strategy that’s working for me and all my successful students.

So you can model it and get awesome results with high-ticket drop shipping...

But it gets even better than that.

I’m also giving you 7 free bonuses worth $15,976 as a welcome gift.

If you know anything about me then you know I always try to over-deliver and give as much value as possible.

I actually care about the results that my students will get, and that’s why I’m giving you these 7 free bonuses worth $15,976 when you join the high-ticket drop shipping masterclass today.

So here’s what I’ve got for you:

Free Bonus 1: Which has a total value of $1,997 is my Secret Mastermind Group.

You’re going to get access to my private community of high-ticket drop shipping business owners and it will help you succeed by getting your questions answered and helping you stay committed.

Free Bonus 2: You'll Get Access to our Private Niche Research Spreadsheet which is worth $1,997.

This will allow you to decide which niche to pick for your first store and your next stores a lot faster.

And you’ll be able to get drop ship only competitors with drop shipping suppliers and learn how to find the best domain name for your website.

Free Bonus 3: you’ll get access to my niche master spreadsheets that are pre-filled in with niche information which is worth $1,997.

This will allow you to get started super fast.

And you’ll be able to skip the trial and error and learn how to launch fast.

Free Bonus 4: You’ll get Content Templates for Every Page which is worth $1,997.

This will allow you to create optimized pages on your Shopify store instantly.

Free Bonus 5: You’ll Get Access to the Freelancers I use along with Project Description Templates which is worth $1,997.

This will allow you to get the best quality work done in a fraction of the time it would normally take you to do the work yourself.

Free Bonus 6: You’ll Get Access to the Optimized Shopify Theme file I created Specifically for High-Ticket Drop Shipping which is worth $1,997.

This is the Shoptimized theme that everybody speaks so highly of and the same theme that my students use to make over $100,000 per month in sales, pre-customized and optimized for your high-ticket drop shipping store with full walk-through instructions on how to customize it for your niche.

Free Bonus 7: You’ll Get Access to the Same Virtual Assistants I Use to Run My High-Ticket Drop Shipping Shopify stores along with the same Procedures and Systems I Use to Manage Their Workflow Which Is Worth $1,997.

This will allow you to have the procedures and systems in place to run your high-ticket drop shipping business more organized and make sure everything gets done.

And you’ll be able to hire these virtual assistants for $500 per month full-time.

You’ll learn how to hire only the best ones and train them to run your business so your business can be as passive as possible.

These seven free bonuses will help you succeed with high-ticket drop shipping, scale your store, and even sell it someday for multiple 5 or 6 figures.

I believe the free bonuses alone have the opportunity to transform your life and you’ll have everything that you need to succeed at high-ticket drop shipping without all the trial-and-error.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Refund Policy?
If you enroll in the course and decide within 30 days that you don't like the materials, you can request your money back. After 30 days, I can no longer offer refunds. If you signup for the pre-launch monthly membership option, you can cancel at any time to end your membership payments for the next month, but you will lose access to the future materials in the course as well as the low pre-launch pricing. I don't offer refunds for people who enroll and then decide that the business model is not for them. You need to decide whether this business model will work for you prior to investing in the course. Due to the nature of this course (me showing you exactly how I make money online with a real-world case study store), I can no longer offer refunds for any student who requests access to the course bonuses (content templates, spreadsheet templates, research reports, outsourcing templates, etc.). Once you have received access to the bonus materials, a product and service has been rendered and no refunds are accepted. If you have any reservations about whether or not the business model is for you, be sure to clear those up before you request access to the bonus materials. I spent months creating the materials for this course and it isn't just a slideshow course, it's me documenting my creation and growth of a real high-ticket drop shipping store, including in-depth and advanced templates that are filled with valuable content unlike many of the courses out there, so for the reasons of protecting myself from people who just want to get my training for free (asking for a refund within first 30 days) I had to put this no-refunds policy into place for those who get access to the course assets. If you are on the fence, please contact me directly to discuss whether this course is right for you before you enroll. You can email me at [email protected] or live chat with me at https://ecommerceparadise.com. I do backup my course with a full 30-day money back guarantee, but the certain instances mentioned above are excluded. If you are 100% sure you are ready for this business model and its a good fit for you, then you can go ahead and enroll now.
I'm interested in signing up for your course, would I be able to have a partner or relative go in on the course with me?
No. You'll need to each pay for your own access to the course.
About what percentage of your net profit comes from course sales vs. affiliate marketing vs. drop shipping?
People wonder if they should go into affiliate marketing or drop shipping, and I recommend a combination of both. That's why I teach to start an Amazon affiliate site in conjunction with your dropship store. I don't share details about my income anymore, but the bulk of it comes from drop shipping of course. Affiliate marketing and online course sales are great ways to make passive income on the side as you grow your drop shipping empire. The best thing about affiliate marketing and online course membership programs is that they are so passive, but in my opinion, you should never rely on them as your main income stream. Selling online with high-ticket drop shipping ecommerce means you get paid out right away. Affiliate programs usually don't pay out for 30-60 days depending on their return policy and with online courses it takes a lot more upfront work to launch and a lot more backend work week after week to sell them. My course sales also provide a great source of passive income and I love creating course materials because I can help people all over the world change their lives, and I can also have my virtual assistants build and grow eCommerce businesses for me so I don't always have to do all the startup work.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you are enrolled - across any and all devices you own.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. New content is added to the course every month.
How much money will it take to start?
I recommend setting aside at least $500 in cash to startup your online store and another $500 to experiment with paid ads and optimizing your store and funnels so you can become profitable. I also recommend you have a full-time income already, or enough money saved up for the next 6 months so you don't drop out early because there is a lot I cover in this course.
Are the other courses about high-ticket drop shipping out there worth it?
A lot of people ask about other courses and whether or not they're worth the high price. The courses don't show enough real-world examples (actually they show none) just demo sites which leads you to wonder what real high-ticket drop shipping stores even exist out there that you can model after. In the eCommerce Paradise High-Ticket Drop Shipping Masterclass, I uncover real-world high-ticket drop shipping niches and stores that you can model after as well as extract all their categories, suppliers, and content for you. This saves you hours of work, trial and error, and helps you launch your own lucrative eCommerce website faster than with any other online course online. If you don't want to invest in those other courses, you can learn all the same stuff and more with my monthly membership program.
Can I put in 1-2 hours a day and find success following your teaching?
You will need to spend at least 3-4 hours per day at least 5 days a week or more to find success within 3-6 months like I can get with a new drop shipping store. This means you will need to make some sacrifices to make it work. After the initial startup phase, your store could produce around $3,000 to $6,000, and sometimes up to $10,000 or more, in net profits each month or more depending on your niche, suppliers, and your execution of the steps in this course. This is not a guarantee of income, it is simply a statement of what I have made in the past within this time period with my stores. I teach how to do the same, however, this varies by niche and your ability to take action and make additional investments without holding back or "cheaping out." Some people make more and some people make less. Hope this makes sense! I don't like to lead anybody on or give the wrong impressions like its easy because it's not. It takes sacrifice, focus, courage, persistence, fearlessness, and determination.
Is the course really for absolute beginners?
Yes it should be very straightforward for an absolute beginner. Just make sure you don’t skip any videos or fast forward or skip any action tasks. Also taking notes and staying organized will help, but I provide spreadsheet templates for that so it will be easy for you to do.
Im not American. Am I even legally allowed to dropship and do business in the US? Or will I have to focus on the European market?
Yes there will be some additional hoops to jump through but you can legally do it. All necessary info is in the start your legal business entity lesson in the demo site setup section.
Is there a way to work with manufacturers that only work with online retailers?
Almost all suppliers work with brick and mortar dealers, not just online retailers. There really isn't a supplier that only works with online retailers.
How can you find the manufacture and do you want the China based manufacturers?
the manufacturer in high-ticket drop shipping is actually the usa-based supplier who is technically the importer. you dont work directly with chinese mfg's in this business model. that would be in private labeling or aliexpress drop shipping. you find them through your future competitors.
In terms of payment for goods, what if the item(s) cost more than your credit card limit? For example, a sofa could cost thousands of dollars.
You'll need a high credit limit to do high-ticket drop shipping. If you don't have the credit history to get a high limit credit card or two, you'll need to partner with someone who does. Consider an older partner with more established credit. Otherwise, you'll need to start with lower priced items ($200-$800) instead of products in the thousands of dollars so you can build credit over a year or two and then request an increase eventually.
Do you think it is necessary to have a Shopify store or could I use just a sales funnel to sell one item at a time?
In my experience, to sell multiple products from multiple brands with one website, its much more effective to put up a Shopify store. Once you find bestsellers, you can create specific funnels for those one products and maximize your traffic to that funnel which should get you more sales.
Is Financing Available?
I do not provide financing for this course. However, you can apply for any 0% promotional APR credit card and then use that card to pay for this course. That way, you can just make the minimum payments on your credit card until the final month of your promotional apr when you have to pay off the rest in full, or you may be charged interest. This is up to you to research and the application process is solely your responsibility. This is just an idea and I don't provide any guarantees this will work for you specifically because everyone's credit score varies.
Do I Need Good Credit To Get Started?
Yes, you will need a good credit score so you can get high-limit credit cards. You will pay your suppliers with business credit cards and the products will cost $250 and up on average, sometimes into the thousands of dollars each, so you will need a business credit card to pay for them. You can use a personal credit card, but I recommend separating your finances in the very beginning so it's easier to do your bookkeeping and file your taxes every year. I also recommend getting business credit cards that come with signup bonuses and cash back rewards. My recommended business credit card is the Chase Ink Business, you can apply for it here: https://ecommerceparadise.com/chaseinkbusiness
Which eCommerce Platform Do You Use?
I use and recommend Shopify. In the masterclass, I show exactly how to set up, build, and manage your Shopify store in ways no other online course does because I use a real-world case study drop shipping store for the training videos.

See What Our Students Had To Say...

"This course is amazing! It's exactly what I needed. Thanks Trevor :)"

- Quinn - Self-Employed Entrepreneur - Hawaii

" Trevor helped me create my first eCom funnel, where I sold more custom clothing and recovered abandoned carts which produced more sales."

- Michael - Self Employed Entrepreneur and Founder of FreshBelief.com - Bangkok, Thailand

"Your course is beautiful my man. Lots of out sourcing makes me Happy, Plus all the google drive stuff. So much value bro. Insane"

- Cody, Self-Employed Entrepreneur - USA

"I am loving this course so far. At 21 years old, I am trying everything I can to get my life setup to allow me to travel the world and work on passion projects. I am currently a cyber security engineer, which gives me a decent income, but I bought this course to help make me somewhat passive income. So far you do the absolute best explaining EVERY detail about the business model. I am most impressed by the fact that you even give us master spreadsheets and budget sheets. This I find to be the most valuable compared to any other course I have tried."

- Arthur, Self-Employed Entrepreneur, USA

"Thank you again for all the great content and lessons. I really appreciate how you’re breaking down every little detail step by step. That’s exactly what I’m looking for and I you think you were right about giving 10x the value of DSL for a fraction of the cost, even though I don’t know for sure what’s in DSL, I have an idea. I’ve been doing a lot of niche research and I’m getting close to making a final decision and getting my store started."

- Mike, Self-Employed Entrepreneur - USA

"Outstanding course. Going thru the videos in module 1 now and downloaded all the bonus resources. I'm really enjoying it, so much great information and so much to do!"

- Darryl, Self-Employed Entrepreneur - USA

"Hi Trevor! I hope this note finds you well. I just wanted to reach out to say hi and thank you for putting this course together. I first heard you on the Johnny FD podcast and started listening to your podcast after that and have got a lot of great value from that and your course. I’m currently working full time and have been building our store for 2 months and just last night finally launched our PLA campaigns! Anyways, keep up the great work and looking forward to continuing down the path!"

- Nate, Self-Employed Entrepreneur - USA

"Really liking the course. I really like, unlike other courses you seem to explain more, and go deeper. It really feels like you care about us as clients/students. I know I have tried a couple times to schedule my one on one time, and you have always been personal about it, and not like an assistant reaching out to me to advise of something. I really can't wait to implement and see first hand the success you want for me. Thanks and again, and I will see you in the emails where you will be talking about your student success, and I will be that student."

- Charles, Self-Employed Entrepreneur, USA

"So far so good. I actually bought Anton's course maybe 2 months ago and I was having problems with the Niche selection. Just watching your free YouTube videos, I was able to gain more information to realize that I should not continue with the niche I selected. I was not able to get that info from DSL. Not saying that his course is not good, but I did not get the detail I needed to be comfortable moving forward. Thank you for your time and effort and I look forward to seeing how far this course will take me."

- Jeffery, Self-Employed Entreprenuer, USA

"You’re a life changer bro, I’ve been struggling with e-com for the last 3-4 months and this is exactly what I needed and more than I expected when I enrolled. Words can’t express my appreciation!"

- Manuel, Self-Employed Entrepreneur, USA

"Hi, Glad to be here in the group! I was so excited to find out about this course and made it in right before the deadline. I had a dropship site around 6 years ago through another course, but the site failed due to an issue with the domain name, too few sales and too many out of stock items my suppliers weren't letting me know about. So, this time around I'm going to have to take it slow while I get my credit fixed and business cards sorted out so I can pay for the items that sell. But I love the course, and all the detail you provide, Trevor! Wish I had this course back then :) I'm looking at this as a way to supplement my retirement in a few years, and eventually sell a store. I'm looking forward to the journey."

- Jenny, Entrepreneur, USA

"Your course is very valuable thank you for doing it."

- Kevin, Entrepreneur, USA

"I’m making much progress in the course and I just have to tell you that I’ve taken several courses (including University courses for my Bachelors degree) and I have yet to meet a teacher like you! You genuinely care about your students’ success and it shows! Plus, you make setting up the framework of the business and the actual store so easy to follow and comprehend. I am enjoying working through the modules with you and look forward to continue working together."

- Amanda, Self-Employed Entrepreneur, USA

"This is one of the most comprehensive courses on drop shipping out there. You are basically right beside Trevor looking over his shoulder as he guides you step by step to setting up an e-commerce store. Trevor has put in a ton of effort and heart into producing the videos and learning materials which you will soon appreciate. I have personally met with him several times and he is the real deal. If you aspire to live the digital nomad life and are willing to put in the work then this course is one of the best places to start."

- Kal Izad, Writer and Coach, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I’m excited man, this course is just what I thought it would be. It’s going to take my mediocre results to $100k per month which is my goal. Between the course and your coaching I’m certain of success. My wife and I really want to travel, our 3 kids are almost raised and we want to see the world. With your system I can see that happening. I’m going to be your hardest working student and once I hit my goal you’re going to get one heck of a glowing testimonial from me."

- Keith, Self-Employed Entrepreneur, USA

"I highly recommend this course. Trevor makes it simple to follow for someone who is completely new and not tech savvy. He literally goes through everything you need to go from the absolute very beginning to running ads and being profitable and scaling."

- Kellon, Self-Employed Entrepreneur, USA

"What's up everyone. My name's Kevin, and I've been doing high-ticket eCom drop shipping for about a year and a half now. I first met Trevor in the Facebook groups about a year ago, and since then he's been working with me, helping me launch, scale, and optimize my eCom businesses. He's helped me a lot with product page optimization. Anything from writing better product descriptions for products or adding call-to-actions where they're necessary, or changing the color of an add to cart button to help increase conversions.

He's also helped me with little things like in AdWords with little things to help optimize my campaigns. He's also helped me with things like email marketing as well, and just overall general advice of how to properly run, operate and scale an eCommerce business. Since then, my stores have gone from literally zero to last month I did over a 100,000 in sales which is, for me, huge. So, if you guys are looking for someone to help you launch, optimize, and grow your eCom businesses, Trevor's definitely someone who knows what he's talking about, and definitely someone that can help you do that. So don't be afraid to hit him up and get some help."

- Kevin, Self-Employed Entrepreneur, California

"I have bought 2 different drop shipping courses now but this one is by far my favorite. The way you have everything laid out is perfect and your not boring! haha One thing I think that does make your course stand out is what you mentioned, you can do the work while watching the video. You actually show click by click how to do things and I am a person who learns best with that method! I only wish I found you sooner but I am glad to have your AMAZING course!"

- Emmalee, Self-Employed Entrepreneur, USA

"I consider myself lucky as having the chance to meet Trevor in person for coaching while he was in KL. This gives us the chance to know about the issues much better. Although i'm not very new to this drop-ship method(high-ticket), Trevor has helped immensely to improve my website, although i felt like my website is pretty optimized. He wasn't my first coach either but he's the best & immediately gives solution to all issues that i have. This investment is worth more that it's cost & looking forward to more future coaching.

After correcting my adwords campaign, relook at nkw & optmizing some of the products. I got my first sale. Thank you for building this course!"

- Fauziah, Self-Employed Entrepreneur - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Hey Trevor,

Check this out. It's July 31st so I checked some stats. I reached my monthly targets of $30K+ in sales and 10K+ visitors. both these targets are record month numbers so I'm pretty please with that.
Just to give some perspective:
Last year I didn't make $5K in sales
Jan + Feb 2018 I made 1 sale.
Then in March we had a very productive one hr call, and well, as you can see I broke $104K in sales :-). Onwards and upwards!
p.s. that target of breaking $30K this month was a real challenge, in the last few days I surpassed the $30K mark 3 times, or better, twice I had buyers remorse taking me back below $30K, but I got on the phone and talked one of them back over the line."

- John, Self-Employed Entrepreneur, Italy

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  • BONUS #1: Access The Freelancers We Use Along With Project Description Templates ($1,997 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Access Our Optimized Shoptimized Theme Download ($1,997 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Access The Same Virtual Assistants We Use To Run Our Stores Every Day ($1,997 Value)
  • BONUS #4: Access To Our Secret Facebook Mastermind Group Coaching Calls ($1,997 Value)
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